Double Your House for Half the Money

Shoji Blinds
Sarah Beeny

Recently we’ve been on Sarah Beeny’s ‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’ so do watch out for it!! Anyway, back in 2012 we were telephoned by the production team of ‘Double Your House for Half the Money’ and told Sarah was interested in our Shoji Blinds. We had 3 days to make a demo blind for Sarah Beeny to use on the set, along with samples to demonstrate a client choosing fabric options. We managed to get everything made in time by working long hours as we’d been given such a short time frame to work with and 3 days later drove down to Essex for the filming.

We ended up making blinds for virtually every room! The Siddiqis  seemed very pleased with our fabrics and designs and then we had a few weeks to manufacture before filming began again!!

In August we travelled back down to the Siddiqi’s house for the final filming where we installed the finished products.

This is what the client chose:

Living Room: Shoji Panels as a room divider in Louvolite ‘Montana Prairie’ for both sides, with Oak stained Obeche timber framing.

Reception Room: Shoji Panels in Prestigious Textiles ‘Debonaire Graphite’ with Decora ‘Eva’ plain fabric. Plus Roller blind in same.

Son’s Bedroom: Shoji Fabric Mix using Harlequin ‘Lucido Marine’.

Son’s Bedroom Shoji blind

Daughter’s Bedroom: Soft Fabric, Japanese Panels in Voyage Autumn with Simpsons Cordoba Plain.

Master Bedroom: Soft Japanese Panels in Prestigious Textiles ‘Amy Natural’ with Plains.

Master Bedroom displaying Curtain Panels.

En-Suite: Black timbered Shoji Panels with Dutton & Gavin ‘Alchemy’ Silver fabric.

En-Suite Bathroom showing Japanese ‘Shoji’ Panel blinds

Kitchen-Diner: Wide-width Japanese Vertical Blinds in Louvolite ‘Montana Prairie’ with wood trim.

Vertical blind with ‘Japanese’ look. Wide width slats.


Scrapbook for this episodes guide to interiors