Japanese Room Dividers and Blinds – Shoji screens made-to-measure from the Japanese Blind Company

 Bespoke room dividers Shoji style that need no bottom rail as featured on TV several times (see our Japanese Shojis on ‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’ -we’re on lots of different programmes in the series as well as ‘Double Your House For Half The Money’ and ‘Grand Designs’)See our Facebook  Page for photos of THOUSANDS of Shoji Screen installations! We’re Highbury Design and we have a separate website for normal blinds and curtains but this is just about our Japanese Shojis and Sliding Room Dividers, based on panel blinds, often used as room dividers and wardrobe doors, all made-to-measure of course. We use Obeche timber, almost the lightest weight wood on the planet, with a beautiful grain. Lots of Shoji Screen fabric choices, although our ‘Tranquil’ polyester is the most popular- it looks like paper but with ten times the strength. You can wash it down with soap solution, bleach, white spirit! For patterns, choose any curtain fabric- we have thousands to choose from because we make curtains and all types of blinds as well. And as we’re led by artists (two portrait painters, a craft designer  and a textile designer) we can help with your choices. Any single panel can be up to 320cm high and using some fabrics up to 140cm wide- and because Obeche is very strong breakages are almost unheard of. Our Shojis can be ‘top-fixed’ from ceilings or lintels or can be ‘face-fixed’ on projection brackets to replace curtains. They glide effortlessly on their track and are not particularly fragile- as you will have seen on films, people can easily fall through ‘real’ Shojis whereas ours can usually survive being knocked around, and they are half the price! Our Japanese Sliding Room Dividers will glide effortlessly with just a fingertip touch, hanging just a few millimetres above the floor. Call or email for a free sample pack- samples of wood colours and popular fabrics.  If you’re in the West Country Drapes Direct are our Shoji Screen agents- 01935 824888.

Please note: our Showrooms are normally constantly manned 9-5 Mon-Fri , and  also weekends by appointment. We’ve showrooms full of Japanese Blinds.

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Japanese  Blinds and Japanese Sliding Room Dividers that are ALL made to measure! – just give us a call on  0115 9674477 for the best bespoke Japanese Shoji Room Dividers and Blinds.

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