Our Japanese Room Dividers are like Shoji Screens and can be used on windows, doors and room dividers.  Japanese Shoji Screens originally used Washi paper and we can supply the blinds with it, however, most people choose plain fabrics as they are stronger and look just as good! Fabrics can look just like Washi paper so even our Japanese customers prefer fabric on Japanese Room Dividers.

Shoji Screens and blinds come in all different coloured wood frames too, so you can match your furniture or floors. Whether as Japanese Room Dividers or blinds they don’t need a bottom track as they are made from Obeche, almost the lightest weight timber in the world!  Our Japanese Screens and blinds are very robust, so are unlikely to break and can be removed easily for window cleaning, and they need no bottom track so no trip hazards unlike normal Japanese Shoji Screens. As a rough guide, they are less than half  the cost of ‘normal’ Japanese Shoji Screens, Room Dividers and Japanese blinds. We cover most of the UK for fitting and if you need us to call out and measure/quote that’s fine- note for London/Home Counties + Hampshire we’re there once a week. Evening calls no problem.

Shoji Screen Japanese Room Dividers that need no bottom track! And we can export to mainland Europe and Ireland- just give us a call on 0044 115 9674477 for the best Japanese Room Dividers and Blinds.