Who we are…


Stephanie McKenna (Director)



Nicholas Flynn (Director)



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What we do…

We began in Nottingham in 1987, making blinds and then curtains, artworks and upholstery.

For years now we’ve had our suppliers say ‘nice stuff.. of course, it’s just for a select niche market’… After the TV exposure we think they’ll realise people want more than 1980s vertical blinds! Although we wrote to several MDs about promoting Japanese panel & Shoji blinds- not a single one even bothered to reply! If you see them cropping up elsewhere now, you will know we did them first!

Because of the unique products we manufacture, our showrooms attract visitors from all over the country- we’ve had customers from Darlington, Oxford, Leeds, London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Sheffield, Derby, Burton-on-Trent, Lincoln, Sleaford, Grantham, Newark, Bishops Stortford, Manchester, Peterborough, Norwich and Stoke-on-Trent to name just a few! In addition, our websites bring enquiries from all over the world- we recently made panel blinds for Middle East clients.

‘Real Homes’ national magazine have twice shown our products and we’ve been interviewed about our interior design ideas by the BBC, so have a look at our videos and portfolios- we feature more than 140 panel and Shoji blinds, and we have over 1,000 fabrics in our online catalogues, and another 4,000 in our showrooms- just ask for samples.

Directors Stephanie and Nick are both artists, so expect lots of enthusiasm when you call us, whether it’s regarding curtains, blinds, artworks or Shoji panels!

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Double Your House..Episode. Featuring our Shoji Blinds.

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We make Japanese Blinds & Shoji Panels in ways that no-one else does

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