Re-usable Face masks

Looking for easy-to-breathe reusable washable Face masks? Our ‘Easy-Breathe’ Face masks are not approved by the NHS because they aren’t disposable but we know Doctors who love them because they are INCREDIBLY easy to breath through. They are fluid resistant too, of course- made from spunbond polyester which is not unlike spunbond polypropylene as used in 3-ply disposable Face masks apart from being so much better you only need ONE layer, not three- our asthmatic clients love them! And of course you can boilwash/sterilise our Face masks whereas you can’t do that to cheaper polypropylene Face masks. Watch the video we made where we taped our Face mask over a hairdryer and then taped a normal disposable over it to compare airflow- three times as much air flows through our Face mask! And we made a bag from our Face mask material and filled it with water to show how little leakage there is. Both these are tests you could try at home of course. We sell mostly in London but we can send them to anywhere by Royal Mail- UK delivery is free and they are only £3-50 each. Call us on 0115 9674477 or email to order a pack of five @ £17-50 or a ‘Care Home’ pack of 100 @ £350. Incidentally, Notts Police use them, as do the University of Nottingham.

The best reusable washable Face masks available! h

washable Facemasks London
Washable Facemasks London