Blackout Velcroed Panels

If you’ve got young kids, you’ll appreciate having their bedroom as dark as possible to encourage them to sleep well. Blackout roller blinds are the obvious choice for darkening a room, but often a roller blind will allow light through the gaps in the sides & you almost certainly need curtains fitted as well.

For complete darkness you could have a cassette roller blinds system although they tend to be very pricey – great as a long term investment, but as children get older they begin to understand what time they should be getting up, so you may only need a temporary solution.

An inexpensive alternative to a cassette roller blind for complete darkness is a piece of blackout material, velcroed to the window frame. You can simply attach the fabric for bedtime and remove it easily during the day. Here are the panels we made for my 2 year old twins bedroom. The room is in total darkness until we are ready to all get up at 6.30am, but they’d sleep longer if you let them now!!

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