If you have looked over our website then you have probably realised we have been making panel blinds longer than almost anyone else, and hopefully we can guide you before you invest in a new blind!

Most panel systems look similar, but as with everything there is a huge difference in quality. A short while ago we tried using the headrail system that most UK firms use, but found the velcro peeled off the PVC rail sliders in warm conditions. The system manufacturer told us this was a teething problem, and replaced all our slider extrusions with new stock. After a few months, same problem. We ended up replacing every single customer’s headrails, and we’re sticking with the all-aluminium Spanish ‘Rutperfil’ system now, with a 10-year parts & labour Guarantee.

The other ‘issue’ we have over headrails occurs when Architects specify better-known systems which frequently are not ‘cordable’ in all permutations, so if you need a ‘Front-leader’ panel instead of a rear leading panel, the rail has to be installed back-to-front- yes, we think it’s bizarre as well but it’s true!